The Basic Protocol

This is a primitive protocol whose redeeming feature is that it does not require the client end software to support the timing-out of incoming frames. Its use is not recommended.

Process IdVariant
12The Outcome Report will be restricted to a maximum of twenty items not being delivered in full (residual support for obsolete systems).
13The Outcome Report will include the full description of any item not being delivered in full.
14The Outcome Report will omit the description of any item not being delivered in full (to reduce telephone time).

Download (45Kb) the Basic Protocol specification (you will need the password to read this document). The specification merges the Transport and Data Link Layers into a single protocol.

Error detection is a combination of parity checking on each byte and field validation with hash totals sent in a trailer frame. A discrepancy in a hash total forces the retransmission of the entire message. If this happens three times consecutively, GO.EXE disconnects the call.

The Protocol Handbook